The Moose App Is Here!

The Moose Membership Mobile App is live on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Members can now download the app for free using their iPhones or any android phone (i.e. Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, etc.). The app includes the new electronic Moose membership card, your Moose membership record, the lodge locator, the General Laws of the Fraternity, as well as instant access to pay dues or sign a new member. Members should use their existing Moose “My Membership Record” user name and password to log in, or register in the app, if they don’t have a “My Membership Record” login.

This document gives information on how to download the app on nearly any phone.

If you are viewing this message on a phone or tablet, the links below will take you directly to the Moose Membership app. If you are viewing this from a computer, it will take you to an information page, but you will not be able to load the app to your phone.

Get it on Apple App Store
Get it on Google Play