Risk Management

Any potential Claim arising out of any accident or incident in any Moose Facility or at any Association Meeting should be immediately reported.

  • Potential Claims involving general liability or liquor liability should be reported to our Third-Party Administrator, Gallagher-Bassett at 1-877-5MOOSE (1-877-566-6735).
  • Potential Claims involving Directors and Officers Coverage, potential claims alleging discrimination, or potential claims arising out of employment practices should be reported to the Risk Management Department at 1-800-544-4407.
  • If you are uncertain as to whom to make your report of a potential claim, please contact the Risk Management Department at 1-800-544-4407 for assistance.
  • If you have a question regarding the Risk Pool coverage or regarding the insurance coverages you need to purchase, please contact Risk Management at 1-800-544-4407.
 Insurance for Lodges/Service Centers/Chapters/Moose Legions &
 Associations: Programs & Procedures – (Updated 3/18)

 Lockton Risk – Lodge Property Insurance Program
 Requirements When Renting Your Hall or Property – (Updated 4/13)
 Hall Rental Insurance Availability – (Updated 12/13)
 Changes to Hall Rental Insurance – (updated 12/13)
 FAQ on Hall and Property Rentals – (Updated 4/13)
 Sample Participant Release Form
 Sample Sexual Harassment Policy
 CAP (Continuous Accident Prevention) Booklet – A Program Guide
for Moose Centers, Staff and Volunteers

 Choosing a designated Safety Coordinator
 Facility Questionnaire
 Lodge Accident Report form
 SQ Incident Report Log Book Info
 ASCAP-BMI-SESAC Licensing Agreement
 Document Retention Policy
 Minor’s Permission Form & General Release
 Registered Agents, Litigation And The Moose
 Tax Exempt Organization Information