Downloads and Links

PA Small Games of Chance Website
Remittance of Checks

PMA By-Laws (REV May 2021)
Association Elected Officers Policy
General Laws – Updated 8-1-2017
Revised Attendance Policy
PA DOS Annual Incorporation Report
How to Enter Moose of the Year

Lodge Meeting Ritual – Larger Print
House Committee Meeting Agenda
Officers Meeting Agenda
Lodge Election Handbook

Event Planning Guide
Event Worksheet

District President Visitation Form (REV Sept 2021)
Moose Legion Visitation Form
Monthly Agenda Reminders
Agenda For District Meeting
District President Meeting Report (REV Nov 2022)
District Secretary Meeting Report
District Chairman Monthly Report

Calendar of Meetings Form
District Committee Chairman Form
District Election Results Form
District Officer Installation Guidelines
Payment Remit to Location List (REV July 2018)

PMA Batch Email Addresses – Contacts the all district presidents – Contacts the district secretaries – Contacts all district presidents AND secretaries – Contacts the 5 territory managers – Contacts the Executive Board
International Links
Moose International
Moose International Great Britain Association
Moosehaven, City of Contentment
Mooseheart, Child City & School
Moose Charities
Moose Riders
Moose Riders – Ride 4 Kids Day
Association Links
Alabama Moose Association
Alaska/Hawaii Moose Association
Arizona/New Mexico Moose Association
Arkansas Moose Association
British Columbia Moose Association
California/Nevada Moose Association
Colorado, Wyoming and W. Nebraska Moose Association
Connecticut Moose Association
Dakota Moose Association
Florida/Bermuda Moose Association
Georgia Moose Association
Idado/Utah Moose Association
Illinois Moose Association
Indiana Moose Association
Iowa-Eastern Nebraska Moose Association
Kansas Moose Association
Kentucky Moose Association
Louisiana Moose Association
MD-DE-DC Moose Association
MA/RI Moose Association
Michigan Moose Association
Minnesota Moose Association
Mississippi Moose Association
Montana Moose Association
New Jersey Moose Association
New York State Moose Association
North Carolina Moose Association
Ohio State Moose Association
Oklahoma Moose Association
Ontario Moose Association
Oregon Moose Association
South Carolina Moose Association
Tennessee Moose Association
Texas Moose Association
Virginia Moose Association
Washington/Northern Idaho Moose Association
West Virginia Moose Association
Wisconsin Moose Association
Lodges and other useful links
McSherrystown Family Center #720
Sellersville Family Center #1539
Warren Family Center #109
Huntington #223
Guide to Moose Lodges
New Motorcycle Safety Law for Organized Group Rides
Moose Riders State Membership Application (REV July 2015)
Moose International Guidelines (Updated April 2021)
Activity Group Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
Activity Group Acknowledgement Form (DOC)
Starting a Moose Riders Group
PMA Community Service Report – Now a FILL-IN Form !! (REV March 2017)
Request to host PMA State Rally (REV November 2014)
Moose Riders Lodge Membership Application
Moose Riders Hold Harmless Form
Moose Riders Prayers (Added April 2016)
PMA Moose Riders Groups Directory (Added May 2016)
Insurance for Lodges/Service Centers/Chapters/Moose Legions &
 Associations: Programs & Procedures – (Updated 3/18)

 Lockton Risk – Lodge Property Insurance Program
 Requirements When Renting Your Hall or Property – (Updated 4/13)
 Hall Rental Insurance Availability – (Updated 12/13)
 Changes to Hall Rental Insurance – (updated 12/13)
 FAQ on Hall and Property Rentals – (Updated 4/13)
 Sample Participant Release Form
 Sample Sexual Harassment Policy
 CAP (Continuous Accident Prevention) Booklet – A Program Guide
for Moose Centers, Staff and Volunteers

 Choosing a designated Safety Coordinator
 Facility Questionnaire
 Lodge Accident Report form
 SQ Incident Report Log Book Info
 ASCAP-BMI-SESAC Licensing Agreement
 Document Retention Policy
 Minor’s Permission Form & General Release
 Registered Agents, Litigation And The Moose
 Tax Exempt Organization Information