Heart of the Community

Lodges are reminded that a Quarterly Heart of the Community Report
is due by the following dates:

February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th

The LOOM Heart of the Community Report MUST be submitted ONLINE through the
Admin Menu on the Moose International Website. Any reports submitted by mail,
fax and email will not be accepted, will not be reviewed and will not be graded.

Report Tips to Improve Your Report

Moose Community Service is designed to prove that our Fraternity can be an asset in own hometowns. This extensive program of humanitarian service was originally conceived and instituted to address the needs of local municipalities. Recently, our Six-Point Community Service Program has expanded to include all charitable donations to Mooseheart and Moosehaven made through Moose Charities. The Women of the Moose have adopted the same Six-Point Community Service Program and it is expected that both the men and women will work together on certain projects to reach our goal of “PROVIDING TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW”

The Community Service Committees should be mindful of the great importance of giving time and effort to those charitable endeavors which do so much good for so many people in the community. Involvement in these Community Service programs and projects not only enhances the image of the Moose Lodge, but also provides the Moose volunteer an avenue for improving his community.

So we ask, “Is this the image your Lodge/Chapter has in your community?” Below are some of the GREAT programs available to our Lodges and Chapters to help benefit others in our communities.
The Safe Surfin’ Foundation Website

More Information about
What the Safe Surfin’ Foundation does

Tommy Moose:
A Very Successful Community Service Program
Gets Even Better!
Youth Awareness
Developing Teenagers
Into Student Leaders