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Government Relations Report

March 21, 2024

Good Afternoon Brothers and Sisters!

In order to be brief, there are currently 8 bills in the House and the Senate attempting to amend December 19, 1988 (P.L. 1262) known as the Local Option Small Games of Chance.    These 8 bills include a variety of changes that include changing the split, permitting card games using credit cards, and total modernization of the whole SCG law.  None of these have made it out of committee as of yet.

There 4 bills regarding PA Skills games.  SB 706 HB 2075 would make them regulated, legal and taxed at a 16% rate.  But there is not split requirement of the proceeds by the establishment.  SB 969 would make them illegal period.  This bill of course is being supported by the casino industry.  HB 2042 would make skills regulated similar to slot machines.  It is estimated that there currently are over 60,000 Skills games in Pennsylvania and could produce over $300 million in additional revenue.  I am not really sure what will happen down the road. 

HB 2068 will allow a club to put their license up to one year, plus apply for an additional year.  It also lowers the fee for the process.

Finally, HB 1657 and SB 681 which are the same bills would finally ban smoking in clubs and other places.  In the House, HB 1657 has made it to 1st consideration in the middle of November.  I do have a feeling that this bill will move to the floor for a vote in both chambers.

Since we are in budget season, I do see much movement on any of these bills until the budget is decided.  Although stranger things have happened in Harrisburg.

Just a reminder that the Primary election is April 23, 2024.  Please go vote.

I will continue to keep everyone updated as these bills progress or new bills are introduced.

Thank you.


Jim Hudack

Government Relations Chairperson