We are currently searching for trainers to teach the Lodge Leadership Training class.  If you or anyone in your Lodge/Chapter is interested in becoming a Lodge Leadership Trainer, please contact Gloria Weagly, Fraternal Education Coordinator at gweagly@moosetrainers.org or Cindy Schilling at cschilling@moosetrainers.org  with name and contact information.

This is a volunteer position, and you may be required to do some traveling.  We try to keep you in your District, but sometimes you are the closest trainer to a Lodge further away.  The PMA does pay for your mileage to and from the training site.  The host Lodge is required to pay for Lodging if needed, depending on your distance from the site.  There will be no cost to you, just your time.

Thanks Mike


Cindy L. Schilling


Pennsylvania Moose Association