From Lodge to District to PMA to Moosehaven!

Will your lodge be the one to have someone compete next November at Moosehaven’s Chili Cookoff!


All Chili comprised of Hamburger and Red Kidney Beans with participants version of cheeses, spices, and other ingredients. Palate cleansers by participants permitted.

All Chili judged by tasters paper ballots. Largest total # of paper ballots determines winner!

Participants may be Tasters!

Venue supplies all roasters, tasting containers, utensils, and ballots, as well as; identifying all participants, announcing the winner, keeping judged ballots on record, and arranging for winner to be eligible at the next level. ( including all fees req’d if any or as promoted)

Each local lodge winner advances to next level (District, PMA, or MI). It is suggested to have some sort of entertainment in conjunction with your event.

Key is to keep all chili versions anonymous while promoting food, fun, and fellowship within your Moose Environment.

Time Line:

Lodges by 12-30-23;

Districts by 2-28-24;

PMA @ Mid Year;

MI – 11-30-24

Consideration of additional event prizes subject to each host.

PMA not responsible for any consequences of this event or tasters displeasures!