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July 12th
July 9th
May 13th
  • Pennsylvania would like to welcome David Smoot, Asst Director of Field Operations, and Karol Smith, Justice, Supreme Forum, PGR, as our official visitors for the 2014 Annual Convention
  • Be part of the Heart of the Community project during the Las Vegas Convention
May 6th
March 12th
March 5th
  • Safe travels to all attending the Midyear Conference in Gettysburg !!
  • Flyer and information for the Moose Riders State Rally available
  • Make sure your Rocker Fund donations get sent in and marked as Rocker Fund
  • New classes are being added all the time to the Fraternal Education page
  • Does your lodge have a Newsletter? Email it to the webmaster to get it on
February 21st
  • "Get your motor runnin!!" PMA Moose Riders have many new events
  • Updated the Endowment Fund page - let's finish strong for the kids & seniors!!!
  • Most of the big state tournaments are scheduled - see the Sports page for details
  • Make plans to attend the PMA Family Picnic
January 16th
  • Added the WOTM Agenda and Registration to the Midyear 2014 page
  • New Fraternal Education classes posted including 2-HOTT and Admin classes
  • Information about the King/Queen of the Hill Bowling tournament is on the Sports page
  • Risk Management page has updated deadlines and downloads for your use
January 3rd
  • Added to the Midyear 2014 page:
    LOOM Agenda & Registration, WOTM Banquet Ticket form, Hotel Call-in Info, MLEC registration info
December 31st
  • Added the MidYear MLEC class to the Midyear 2014 page
  • Updated the printable pages on the PMA Calendar page
  • Does your lodge have a newsletter? If so - send it in to get it posted
  • Thank you to all of the PMA Membership Boosters for your contributions
  • Please make sure you are regularly submitting your Endowment Fund collections
December 9th
  • The Midyear 2014 page now has the Midyear Ad book info and Hospitality Room Request form
October 22nd
August 27th
  • Congratulations to all the newly installed 2013-2014 PMA Officers !!
  • New Lodge Leadership classes and more have been posted on the Fraternal Education page
August 13th
August 1st
  • Results of all completed 2013 PMA Sports Tournament are on the Sports page
  • Moose Riders State Rally conference agenda is posted on their page
  • Let's push to have all Lodge Safety Forms submitted before the PMA Convention !!
  • Remember that your Community Service reports are due August 15th
July 18th
  • Posted the results of the 2013 PMA Golf Tournament on the Sports page
  • MLEC info and agendas are available on the 2013 Annual Convention page
  • Don't forget the PMA Family Picnic is this weekend !!
  • We are updating forms on the Downloads page - make sure you have the most current copies !!
June 22nd
June 20th
June 14th
  • Officers need trained before the 60-day deadline - classes on the Fraternal Education page
  • The new PMA Membership program is on - Join the PMA Tour !!
  • There is a new printable Calendar available with some important dates on it
  • The Moose Legion pages are being updated as we get the new schedules
May 22nd
May 1st
  • It is time to GO THE DISTANCE in this Year of Celebration !!
  • NO ENROLLMENT FEE all year ??? Check it out on the Membership page !!
April 5th
March 18th
  • We had a GREAT Mid Year Conference !! Check out some of the pictures from it !!
  • Posted a new Administrators class and more on the Fraternal Education page
  • Spring is almost here and the PMA Moose Riders calendar is getting really busy !!
  • Added more top sponsors and boosters on the Membership page
  • Check out the Downloads page for the more helpful information
March 1st
February 15th
February 6th
January 15th
  • Added registration information for the MLEC at the 2013 PMA Mid Year Conference
  • Pool players may want to check out the 2nd Annual Spring 8-Ball Tournament on the Sports page
January 14th
January 7th
Here is hoping everyone had a safe and appy Holiday season !! The holidays are over and the new year is upon us. Some of the things going on include...
  • Fraternal Education has numerous classes available to attend.
  • New sporting tournaments are being posted on the Sports page.
  • Watch for new information on the Mid-Year Conference page.
  • The R. Robert Dale Scholarship information is available to download.
  • Check out some of the good works being done in the PMA on the PMA Pride page.
November 13
October 25
  • Information for the 2013 PMA Bowling Tournament is on the Sports page
  • Posted the Endowment standings for the LOOM and WOTM as of 9/30/12
October 16
There have been numerous updates and changes since the convention. Check out the Fraternal Education page, Sports page, and the Photo Gallery. There are new stories on the PMA Pride page and new things coming all across the site. Check back often !! GO RED RAMBLERS !!
August 22
  • Posted most of the new District Meeting and Moose Legion Meeting schedules
  • Added some items on the Fraternal Education page
  • Updated the printable calendar on the Calendar page to include all of 2012-2013

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