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February 4th
January 20th
  • Added the agenda, registration and hotel information to the 2016 Midyear Page
  • The Sports Page has the 2016 PMA Bowling Tournament information available to download
January 13th
December 23rd
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone !!!!!!!!

  • Check out the 2016 Midyear Page for updates and details for conference
  • Many dates have been added to the Calendar Page so you can make plans for the next year
  • The Sports Page has a few new items on it and also the 2016 Int'l tournaments
  • It is time to make sure you are a PMA Membership Booster for the 2016 year
  • There are some new classes scheduled on the Fraternal Education Page
September 29th
August 28th
July 16th
June 22nd
June 19th
  • Information for the 2015 Annual Convention is posted. Make plans to attend NOW !!
  • Golfers - the 2015 PMA Golf Tournament information is now posted on the Sports Page
May 27th
April 14th
  • The results of the 2015 PMA Pool Tournament are now posted on the Sports Page
April 14th
  • The Fraternal Education page has many new classes posted for officers and administrators
  • On the Sports Page the PMA Bowling Tournament results after Week 3 are posted
April 2nd
  • 2015 Moose Legion Allstate information is now posted on the Moose Legion page
  • On the Sports Page the PMA Bowling Tournament results after Week 2 are posted
  • "Take me out to the ballgame !!" There are TWO PMA Days with the Pirates for you to enjoy !!
March 26th
  • Posted the 2014-2015 Youth Awareness scholarship and trip winners. Congratulations!!
March 22nd
March 11th
  • Here is the list of winners in the Mid-Year Cash Bash
  • Updated the Lodge Insurance Reference Manual on the Risk Management page
  • Added the January & February winners of Free Dues on the Membership page - did YOU win??
March 6th
  • Added a new Higher Degree tab with drop down options on the main menu
  • Updated the Arthritis page with the most current information from the foundation
  • Posted a list on the new Pilgrim page of all current Pennsylvania Pilgrims
February 27th
  • Moose Int'l has extended the King of Hearts Promotion through the end of April !!
  • They have also brought back for March and April ONLY the $0 Application Fee program !!
  • Added a listing of the PMA Batch Email Addresses to the Links Page to make contacting these groups easier
February 24th
January 29th
  • 2015 PMA Shining Star Award criteria can be found on the Recognition Awards page
  • February is the MH/MH Endowment Fund Rocker Campaign month - print out your Rockers here
  • The Moose Riders are starting to plan and post events for when the weather breaks
January 19th
January 17th
January 2nd
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The information page for the 2015 PMA Midyear Conference is up and running - watch for updates
  • See the Sports page for information on the 2015 King/Queen of the Hill tournament
December 5th
November 7th
August 31st
  • Youth Awareness Congress registration and recruiting information posted
  • Added a TON of pictures to the Photo Gallery from convention, Moose Riders, and Doug Warabak
August 25th
  • Updating District information as the schedules and information come in
  • Posted the information for the 2014 Texas Holdem tournament on the Sports page
  • All Lodge Safety Forms MUST be submitted by the deadline to avoid a modifier
July 12th
July 9th

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