R. Robert Dale Scholarship

R. Robert Dale served as Secretary/Administrator of St. Charles, IL Lodge 1368. He was devoted to the Moose fraternity, its precepts and endeavors. He never married; never became a father. His sister married into a modest degree of wealth, but she never had children either. Following the death of her husband, she and Robert named each other in their wills.

Robert survived her - but only by a few months. Robert Dale died on August 15, 1983, leaving an estate of more than $2 million, to be divided equally between the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Home and the Loyal Order of Moose, both for the purpose of providing scholarships. In 1985, Director General Paul O’Hollaren and the Supreme Council approved a program in which the interest from the Dale Scholarship Fund was to be used to provide scholarships for sons and daughters of Moose members who had graduated from high school, to further their higher education, and the R. Robert Dale Scholarship Program was created.

Some 1,368 Dale Scholarships - totally $1,368,000 - have been awarded since the R. Robert Dale Scholarship Program began, with the graduating Class of 1987.

Applicants for the program must be high-school juniors with a grade-point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. They are eligible only if their father, mother, step-parent, grandparent or legal guardian is a member of the Moose in good standing.

The number of scholarships awarded to each State and Provincial Moose Association, is computed based on the current membership of the Association and scholarship application submitted. This determines whether or not they hold an independent drawing during their Association convention. If the Association does not qualify for its own drawing, an at-large drawing is held at Moose International. Any individual Moose Lodge and its Chapter submitting 20 or more eligible applications qualifies for a bonus scholarship to be drawn from among just their applicants.

The Scholarship may be used for tuition, books, and fees at any accredited vocational or academic institution the winner chooses to attend.

The Recipient of the
2014 Charles Jesse James Scholarship

Hayden Downey - East Erie FC 593

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2015 are:
David Johnson - Greenville FC 276
Daniel Gilligan - Danville FC 1133
Haley Bates - Greenville FC 276
Shelby Woodward - Elkland FC 746
William Graham - Greenville FC 276
Brittany Shoenfelt - Indiana FC 174

The Recipient of the
2013 Charles Jesse James Scholarship

John Carbarry - Middletown FC 410

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2014 are:
James Schafer - Greenville FC 276
Drake Burgess - Union City 882
Madeline Swiger - Youngwood 23
Chase Pepper - Canton FC 429
Samantha Quail - Canton FC 429
Emma Ferrick - Connellsville FC 16

The Recipient of the
2012 Charles Jesse James Scholarship
Melissa Setley - Hamburg FC 523

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2013 are:
Logan Rook - Canton FC 429
Kendra Toseki - Muncy Valley FC 866
Amanda Quinn - Danville FC 1133
Adam Knee - Gallitzen 185
Colin Lord - Hamburg FC 523
Brittany Reinhart - Greenville FC 276

The Recipient of the
2011 Charles Jesse James Scholarship
Matthew Bryer - Meadville FC 2505/Chapter 2143

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2012 are:
Martin Parson - Shippensburg Lodge 2500
Kelsey Bowser - New Bethleham Lodge 366
Michael Pronzato - Doylestown Lodge 1284
Matthew Waldman - Hamburg FC 523
Kelley Jay - Bedford FC 480/Chapter 1245
Michael Lochard - Union City Lodge 882

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2011 are:
Quinn Murphy - Tunkhannock 1276/1068
Carolinne Strasser - Gallitzin 185/2397
Kayla Kratzer - Middleburg 1229
Danielle Strange - Wellsboro 1147/60
Paige Lucas - Clymer 670
Kristin Route - Canton 429

The Recipients of Scholarships for the Class of 2010 are:
Jamie Gawlinski - Union City 882
Katelyn A Pettigrew - Greenville 276
Jonathan M Shingler - Lewistown 143
Carly Stauffer - St. Marys 146

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