The Pennsylvania Moose Association congratulates the following Lodges
for earning this prestigious award for 2017-2018

New Castle FC 51
New Kensington 53
Altoona FC 74
Oil City FC 78
Franklin FC 83
Titusville FC 84
Clearfield 97
Leechburg FC 102
Portage FC 131
Indiana FC 174
Sunbury 181
Scottdale 194
Bellefonte FC 206
Jersey Shore FC 214
Huntingdon FC 223
Verona 250

Chickies Rock FC 307
Windber FC 349
Albion FC 381
Hamburg FC 523
Elizabethtown FC 596
Beechview 609
Carlisle FC 761
Dixonville FC 833
Punxsutawney 954
Chicora FC 962
Madera 1172
Ridgway FC 1183
Hays 1436
Clarence 1565
Tower City FC 1603
Shippensburg 2500

Beginning May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019, in order to earn the Premier Lodge Award a Lodge must:

1) Increase Active Membership over the fiscal year ended 4/30/2018

2) Increase in Total Giving to Moose Charities, excluding amounts for Safe Surfin’,
Youth Awareness or other “pass-through” gifts not directly benefiting Mooseheart
or Moosehaven, over the fiscal year ended 4/30/2018
Lodge per capita contributions to Moose Charities during the fiscal year ended 4/30/2019
must equal or exceed the fraternity-wide per capita average of $8.04 per member (as
established during the prior 2 calendar years)

3) Submit all Heart of the Community Reports by established deadlines receiving
a grade of “Good” or better on each report

4) Indebtedness on the monthly Moose International Consolidated Billing Statement is less at
April 30, 2019 than the balance due shown on the May of 2018 statement
(any April 30, 2019 balance of zero or less is considered less than the prior year)

5) Submission of Moose of the Year nomination form by established deadline.

6) Transmit the April 30, 2019, monthly financial reports by May 10, 2019 AND transmit all
other months by the 15th of every month

7) Lodge must be represented at the 2018 International Convention

8) Lodges must remit Endowment Fund contributions to Moose Charities in at least 10 months
during the year

9) Lodge must hold an Orientation/Lodge enrollment a minimum of every two months
during the year

***At the discretion of the General Governor, a Lodge may be disqualified from earning the Premiere Lodge Award for failing to abide by our General Laws.

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