PMA Membership Chairmen
Chris Baker - PMA Membership Chairman
Tom Wells - Territory 3
Bill Lennert - Territory 5
Joe Mantini - Territory 6
George "Rookie" Chroninger - Territory 7
Paul Chianese - Territory 4
Sereno Reck III - Territory 5
Gary Weaver - Territory 6
Paul Chianese - PMA Retention Chairman

2017-2018 PMA Membership Booster Program

Find out how you and your lodge or chapter can join in and be part of this program
Contributions are now being collected for the new year, so Be A Hero and
Promote Membership growth in the Pennsylvania Moose Association !!!!

 Booster Program Information (Updated August 2017)

2017-2018 PMA Membership Boosters
Albion FC 381
Altoona FC 74
Bellefonte FC 206
Chicora FC 962
Coatesville FC 297
Corry FC 98
Dixonville FC 833
Elizabethtown FC 596
Franklin FC 83
Galeton FC 826
Irwin FC 236
Lancaster FC 299

Gettysburg Chapter 182
McSherrystown FC 720
Middleburg FC 1229
New Castle FC 51
Shippensburg 2500
Stroudsburg FC 1336
Titusville FC 84
Tunkhannock 1276
Union City 882
Universal 298
Waynesburg FC 461
Wilmerding FC 86
Youngwood 23

Middleburg Chapter 1745
*Units listed have contributed at least $50.00 to the PMA Membership Boosters prorgam since May 1, 2017
*Qualified members of these units are eligible to attend the 5/25 Club event at the 2018 PMA Convention (August)
*To be eligible for the 5/25 Club event, donations from units must be received by the PMA Secretary prior to April 30, 2018

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