District 5

President: Dennis Moyer

District 5
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Millersburg Family Center #59
Lancaster Family Center #299
Chickies Rock Family Center #307
Middletown Family Center #410
Hamburg Family Center #523
Elizabethtown Family Center #596
Tower City Family Center #1603
September 10, 2017Chickies Rock FC 307
October 2017No Meeting
November 5, 2017Hamburg FC 523
December 4, 2017Lancaster FC 299
January 2018No Meeting
February 11, 2018Middletown FC 410
March 22-25, 2018PMA Mid-Year - Red Lion Hotel, Harrisburg, PA
April 2018No Meeting
May 6, 2018Elizabethtown FC 596
District 5 Memorial Service - 2:00 PM
June 3, 2018Millersburg FC 59
July 2018No Meeting
July 11-15, 2018Int'l Convention - New Orleans, LA
August 4, 2018Tower City FC 1603
Executive Meeting - 2:00 PM
Membership Meeeting - 2:30 PM
Tower City 100 Year Celebration to follow
August 23-26, 2018PMA Convention - Pittsburgh, PA

Executive Board Meeting..........1:00 pm
Membership Meeting..........1:30 pm
PresidentDennis MoyerChickies Rock FC 307
Vice PresidentJohn BobrowskiTower City FC 1603
SecretaryHarvey ReemElizabethtown FC 596
TreasurerJohn BuffingtonTower City FC 1603
PrelateMicah KoppenhaverMillersburg FC 59
Jr Past PresidentJeffrey VuxtaElizabethtown FC 596
ActivitiesMicah KoppenhaverMillersburg FC 59
AuditShawn BaileChickies Rock FC 307
FellowshipShawn BaileChickies Rock FC 307
Government RelationsJohn J MooreLancaster FC 299
Heart of the CommunityRoger BerryMiddletown FC 410
MembershipJeffrey VuxtaElizabethtown FC 596
MH/MH AdmissionsDavid DonahueElizabethtown FC 596
Moose CharitiesPhil KauffmanElizabethtown FC 596
Moose LegionPhil KauffmanElizabethtown FC 596
Moose of the YearJohn BuffingtonTower City FC 1603
Moose RidersTom FoltzElizabethtown FC 596
PilgrimCharles Butch HennHamburg FC523
RatingsTom FoltzElizabethtown FC 596
Safety & Loss PreventionJohn BobrowskiTower City FC 1603
ScholarshipRoger BerryMiddletown FC 410
SportsMicah KoppenhaverMillersburg FC 59
VeteransJohn BobrowskiTower City FC 1603
Youth Awareness CoordinatorHarvey ReemElizabethtown FC 596

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