Pennsylvania Moose Association Congratulations to the 2016 PMA Pilgrim Class !!!

Tim Zarpentine

Indiana FC 174
2016-2017 PMA President

" Don't Believe Us
Just Watch! "

Congratulations to the 2015-2016
Premier Lodge Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2015-2016
Governors Award of Excellence Winners


Left to Right: Ronald Hopson (Union City 882), William Jones (Canton 429), Michael Clawson (Ebensburg 681), Franklin Winters (Washington 22) and Patrick Casher (Clarence 1565). Not Pictured: John Stiffler, Jr (Hanover 227), Robert Berger (Hamburg 523), Fred Brady (McSherrystown 720), Charles Berkheimer (Muncy Valley 866), Robert Kolbrich (Muncy Valley 866) and Robert McMaster (Gettysburg 1526)

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I have added the Founder's Day information to the About page as it gives a good history of the Moose Fraternity and is a good page to direct people to who are interested in finding out more about the Moose

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